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Gerhard Fischer and Hal Eden: “Design, Learning, and Collaboration??Spring Semester 2004

Assignment 17: Projects (Hands-On)

due: Monday, April 26 ?please submit by 10:00am to the class website (one submission per project team)

Briefly discuss the following issues:

1. your major achievement(s) so far

2. most difficult (sub)problem you encountered (and solved) in your work

3. relate your project to 3-5 major themes/papers which we discussed in the class (and briefly articulate the relationship)

4. describe the remaining work to be done before May 3

5. articulate any questions which you might have at this point of time

Collaborative Learning in College Education.hw17

Collaboration in Software Development Process.hw17

Design of a User-Centered System for Tracking Vacation Time.hw17

Learning Environments: Metacognitive Strategies.hw17

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