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Andrew Skalet summarizer hw16

1.1. The common thread of what people found most interesting was the role of people in knowledge management. Specifically, people were interested in the roles of people in the communities of practice present in an active knowledge management system, and the great importance of these interactions even in the presence of technical innovations.

1.2 Most people found the article interesting, but those who pointed out uninteresting elements were not interested in the oil industry. One person was not interested in knowledge management at all.

2. Most people thought that the main message of the article was that knowledge management will be very important to companies in the future, and that knowledge management faces the same issues as AI, so it should use the same techniques as AI. At least one reader thought that the article was a bit like a sales pitch, which I noticed as well in my cursory examination of the article (as a summarizer).

3.1 People provided several examples of successes of knowledge management. They pointed out that bringing the right people together, avoiding mistakes made by others, and making community knowledge accessible are important elements.

3.2 The two major weaknesses and failures identified in knowledge management are the effective participation of the people involved, and the challenges common in AI of searching and characterizing heterogenous data in an effective way, to allow concise presentation to a human observer.

4.1 and 4.2 People have had different experiences with knowledge management and knowledge management systems. Most people agreed that organizational challanges exist in these systems; portals for companies like the one in the article may not be used. When people are tasked with maintaining a knowledge management system, it stays structured and may be used more, but sometimes a "collaborative" portal or similar system will languish.

5. people agreed that a push system is where suggestions are made based on context, and a pull system is where a person is actively searching for information. push systems are more useful when the person does not know they should search, but perhaps the most important element is how difficult it is for an AI system to determine the current context and applicable information to push. Pull systems are very useful when the user knows he or she should search for an answer, although this takes more time.

6.1 Most people said that in this context, the managment of knowledge gained in the past can guide a company or society much more easily through their travels.

6.2 Most people applied this quote to konwledge managment as well. There are many opportunities to learn about past, current, and future successes and failures, so an effective knowledge management system can capture some of this information so that future decisions can intelligently apply past knowledge

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