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FEEL Reading List

Ellis, H.J.C., "An Experience in Collaborative Learning: Observations of a Software Engineering Course," The 2000 Frontiers in Education Conference, Oct. 2000.

Gonzalez, Carlos Enrique and Paul Resta. "An Innovative Institutional Project: Online Collaborative Learning as a Catalyst for Systemic Change in the Teaching-Learning Process Within a Multi-Campus Institution of Higher Education."

Read By Jun

Coutin, Susan. "Tips Gleaned from the Literature on Collaborative Learning."

Robert F. Dugan, Jr., Eric A. Breimer, Darren T. Lim, Ephraim P. Glinert, Mark K. Goldberg, Matthew V. Champagne. "Exploring Collaborative Learning in Rensselaer's Classroom-in-the-Round."

Smith, Karl A. "Inquiry-Based Collaborative Learning."

Scharffe, Eric. "Applying Open Source Principles to Collaborative
Learning Environments."

James L. Cooper, Pamela Robinson, The Argument for Making Large Classes Seem Small.

Read by Scott

Smith, Barbara Leigh and Jean T. MacGregor. "What is Collaborative Learning?"

George, Pamela G. "Using Cooperative Learning in the College Classroom" The NEA Higher Education Journal

Read by Bill

Bennis, W. & ,
Biederman, P. W. (1997) Organizing Genius: The Secrets of Creative Collaboration,
Perseus Books, Cambridge, MA.
"In defense of cheating", from

Read by Huda

Drury, H., Kay J., and Losberg, W. "Student Satisfaction with groupwork in undergraduate computer science: do things get better?"

Joseph, A., and Payne, M. "Group Dynamics and Collaborative Group Performance"

LeJeune, N." Critical Components for Successful Collaborative Learning in CS1"

Read by Sarah

Title : "Getting Started: Informal Small-Group Strategies in Large Classes"

Author(s) : James L. Cooper, Pamela Robinson

Title : "Going Deeper: Formal Small-Group Learning in Large Classes"

Author : Karl A. Smith

NOTE : This one was a bit more detailed version of the previous article, which is summarized above.

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