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Past Meeting Summary

Meeting: Sunday, May 2nd, 2004

presentation rehearse

  1. Background Introduction (Huda, 5 min.)
  2. FEEL Function Design (Jun, 5 min.)
  3. FEEL Implementation (Bill, 5 min.)
  4. Demo (Scott & Sarah, 10 min.)
  5. User Eval (Scott, 3 min.)
  6. Future Work (Jun, 2 min.)
  7. Q & A (All, 5 min.)

Meeting: Monday April 26th, 2004

Hands on Project Presentation slides outline

PG 1 : Title : FEEL

PG 2 : Team Members

PG 3 : Motivation - Problem statement
  • traditional practice shortcoming
PG 4 : Non-Technical solutions (emphasize collaboration)

PG 5 : Technical solutions (currently existing sys. eval - Jun's table)

PG 6 : Interactive sys (list of identified ones, included the rational part)
  • positive/beneficial characteristics [conceptual]
PG 7 : FEEL General overview (flow diagram)


PG 8 : FEEL functional list (very high level)

PG 9 : FEEL sys architecture overview
  • Implementation discussion
  • Technology details
PG 10 : Demo (include the current FEEL link)

PG 11 : User eval conclusion

PG 12 : Future work

PG 13 : Q & A

Meeting: Monday April 19, 2004

1. FEEL evalution summary needs to be posted by 04/25/04 evening. (Scott)

2. Final Project rough draft needs to be posted by 04/25/04 evening. (Jun and Huda)

Meeting: Monday April 12, 2004

1. Rehearse independent research presentation

Meeting: Saturday April 10, 2004

NOTE : Presentation slides and progress report are due by 10:00 AM on Monday, 04/12/02

1. independent research presentation discussion

Details ...

I. Intro (5 min. - Bill)

II. Theoretical (15 min. - Huda)

III. Exercise (15 min. - Huda & Scott)

IV. Survey (20 min. - Scott & Sarah)

V. Summary/Future Work (10 min. - Jun)

VI. Q/A (5 min. - class)


(1) first two small groups (4 min.)
  • draw first floor of outlines
  • write down direction (from parking lot to bathroom, classroom, and airplane wing)
(2) second two groups (4 min.)
  • draw details

Meeting: Monday, April 05, 2004

1. Survey report discussion.

2. Next meeting schedule.

Meeting: Monday, March 29, 2004

1. Survey data discussion.

2. FEEL implementation discussion.

3. Progress Report discussion.

Meeting: Wednesday, March 17, 2004

1. We discussed Functional Design of FEEL

2. Bill talked about how to set up the development environment for FEEL

Meeting: Monday, March 15, 2004

1. We updated schedule.

2. We discussed survey.

3. We discussed progress on the Independent Research and the Final Project

Meeting: Wednesday, March 10, 2004

1. We got the survey form done!

2. We decided to name our web service Feedback Enhanced Environment for Learning (FEEL).

Meeting: Monday, March 08, 2004

1. We discussed the name for our system and the discussion will continue.

2. We discussed Group Final Project schedule and Independent Research schedule.

Meeting: Saturday, March 06, 2004

1. We discussed project proposal,survey form and Clickers.

2. We discussed how to distribute the work (i.e. who should work on what) for both independent research and hands-on project.

Meeting: Monday, March 01, 2004

1. We discussed the group schedule, and we will continue to work on it.

2. We discussed the rough draft of the survey form. We still need to work on it ...

3. We brainstormed the group Final Project, and we need to meet again for this topic before 03/08/04.

Meeting Summary : Monday, February 23, 2004

1. We discussed the group Independent Research project for today's class, and Huda put the presentation together for us. Thanks, Huda!!!

2. Scott and Bill will put together a rough draft of the survey form and send it out to the group by 7:00 PM on Sunday (due by February 29, 2004).

3. Sarah will put a project plan/schedule sheet together for us to discuss on next Monday (due by 03/01/2004).

4. Jun, Huda, and Sarah will read a few more articles and write up summaries. (due by 03/01/2004)

Meeting: Wednesday, February 18, 2004

NOTE : Summary note from Jun...

Here is some notes from our Wednesday meeting with Gerhard,

1. we will do survey with two classes: CSCI 1200 and DLC. These two classes are very different, so there are a lot to compare.

2. IN terms of the time we have, we can define a larger framework, but only investigate several most interesting issues in this research

3. An article we could have a look, "In Defence of Cheating". Bill has the copy.

4. Survey Form, we will develop the main category of questions in Monday's meeting. Here is some suggested by Gerhard...

  • Do you have collaboration before?
  • Does it ever help you to achieve sth you won't get on your own?
  • What motivated you to collaborate?
  • Was it externally imposed?
5. About the reading, look into articles and CSCL conference papers.

Meeting: Monday, February 16, 2004

(1) we discussed ...

  • list of classes that we may survey, and they are
GEEN 1400 - LEGO Robots (Scott is taking this course, under 30 students in the classroom)

Description : The First-Year Engineering Projects course is an interdisciplinary, hands-on design/build/test course for entry-level engineering students.

CSCI 1200 - Introduction to Computing (current instructor : Michael Main, 100+- students in the classroom)

Description : Presents an overview of computing concepts and techniques, including hardware, software, and communication networks. The laboratory accompanying the course enables hands-on learning of computer tools and applications. A small amount of programming is included in the course. This course was previously titled Introduction to Programming 1.

CSCI 7000-001 - Design, Learning, and Collaboration (current instructor : Gerhard Fischer, under 15 students in the classroom)

Description : Covers research topics of current interest in computer science that do not fall into a standard subarea. Prerequisites : Consent of instructor.

CSCI 7000-005 - Things That Think (current instructor : Michael Eisenberg)

Description : Covers research topics of current interest in computer science that do not fall into a standard subarea. Prerequisites : Consent of instructor.

CSCI 7000-010 - Game Programming (current instructor : Alex Repenning and Clayton Lewis, under 45 students in the classroom)

Description : Covers research topics of current interest in computer science that do not fall into a standard subarea. Prerequisites : Consent of instructor.

  • previous class website for the collaborative project

(2) we are planning to (coming up) ...

  • Jun, Huda, and Bill will meet with Gerhard on Wednesday, February 18, 2004, at 3:30.
  • read one collaborative article/book and post the reflections on the website or email to the group by the next group meeting on February 23, 2004.

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