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Gerhard Fischer and Hal Eden: "Design, Learning, and Collaboration" Spring Semester 2004

Mid-Term Self Assessment

Name: Tamez, Jennifer

Class Participation:
I've tried to participate in all the discussions as much as I could. But, there are many times that I am intimidated because I feel that everyone in the class is much more knowledgeable than I am on certain subjects. I will try to be more active and contribute more in the discussions even if I feel intimidated.

I am sorry about falling asleep in class. I know there aren't any excuses, but I just wanted to let you know that all my classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays. I don't have one break and this class is my last class for the day. I apologize for this, and I will try to bring coffee or something because by this time of the day I am very tired and worn out. This is something that I always try to prevent and I will work on not letting this happen anymore.

Small Assignments:
I feel that I have put a lot of effort into all the assignments. I try to, and am mostly successful, at getting assignments in on time. I think this is one of my stronger points because even though some of the articles seem to be hard for me to understand I am times, I am genuinely interested. I try to be honest in all my answers and I try to answer all the questions as best as I can.

Independent Research
I am sorry about not having this in the right place on the swiki. To avoid this in the future, I have placed all of my assignments, my independent research, and my semester project onto my "Course Participant" page.

Semester Project
We have titled our project. I apologize for not having done this already, we didn't know or think to do this. We tried to change the "big concepts" to have some focus and be more specific. Please let us know if it works or if we need to revise it some more. This is something we really want to do and we really want to make it work. We think it will be fun and exciting for the group and the class. Please let us know if there is anything else we should/could add to our swiki site. Should we plan a meeting with you to discuss this further?

Performance Assessment (so far):
A- (I will try to participate more. Does the lack of detail refer to independent, semester project, and assignments, or one in particular?)

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