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The code for the project builder is located on

seurat% cd ~haleden/s/swiki.d/swiki/PitAPB

seurat% ls

actions/  addresses/  pages/  proj/  rendered/  
settings.xml  setup.xml  templates/  uploads/

(these correspond to the components described in the architectural documentation at:

The starting point for most swiki accesses are "addresses." For example: accesses the "" address.

seurat % emacs
(i use emacs because the files are in some strange line coding that more/vi get confused about)

| path size |
path _ request raw url.
size _ (book name size) + 11.
path _ (path size = size) 
    ifTrue: [''] 
    ifFalse: [path copyFrom: size to: path size].
    formatBookTemplate: 'allproj' 
    request: request 
    response: response 
    shelf: shelf

This simply uses a template to format the requested page. (this would resolve to the file templates/

seurat % emacs ../templates/

<title>PitA Project Builder</title>
<h2>Pita Project Builder</h2>
<h3>Create New Project</h3>
<p>To create a new project, insert the new directory name below (do 
   not include any spaces, /s, \s, or :s in the name).  
<form action="<?tonewproj?>" method="post">
<input type="text" size=10 name="newproj">
<input type="submit" value="create">

as you can see, for the most part this is just html code, but there are special tags that are bracketed by <? and ?> that represent actions (and are located in the "actions" directory (things may inherit from other swiki types (e.g., "PitAPB" inherits from "super", so sometimes you have to track down things under other, higher-level folders.)

emacs ~haleden/s/swiki.d/swiki/refs/actions/

'<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Tansitional//EN"

In this case this text is simply embedded in the document–in other situations, the action may perform some computation, such as enumerating the elements of a directory and putting them as a table to be inserted into the template.

more later,


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