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1.1. what did you find interesting about the article?

In general, I find the topic of learning and education to be interesting; especially alternatives theories of learning and education.

1.2. what did you find not interesting about the article?


2. what do you consider the main message of the article?

The best type of learning environment is a combination of adult-run and children-run – the community of learners.

3.1. provide a rough estimate in percentage points for each category and

adult-run: 90%, children-run: 1% (that might be a liberal guess); community of learners: 9% (primarily in graduate school and some group participation classes in undergraduate school);

3.2. one example for each category (in case you have encountered all three approaches)

adult-run: lectures; children-run: I honestly can't think of any; community of learners: group projects, opportunities to teach a class.

4. which technologies are used / can be used /should be used to support

4.1. adult-run education

talking, slides, demonstrations

4.2. child-run education

I'm having a hard time visualizing this concept since I don't think I've had any experience with it.

4.3. community of learners education

weblogs, swikis, discussion groups

5. analyze our course from the three dimensions:

5.1. adult-run education

The lectures and lecture materials fall into this category.

5.2. child-run education

I don't really see as much of this in our class.

5.3. community of learners education

I think this type of learning is a big part of the class – class participation, independent projects, teaching a class, online discussions, etc.

6. which possibilities do you see to effectively integrate adult- and child-run education?

I think with the advent of on-line classes, there will be more opportunity for integrated classes. On-line classes require the student to take responsibility for learning and allows the teacher to provide the information for the student to use.

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