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Scott Zweig

I am a little lost for words right now.

I have copies of eight (8) of the papers that were printed and handed out to us earlier in the semester (I thought that was all of them), and yet this one I have never seen. I looked through all my materials for this course, and it seems that I must not have picked it up. I sent out an email earlier today asking some of my classmates where I could find this paper, and when they responded that it was one of the ones that you gave us, I was confused. I have searched high and low, and come up empty. It seems as though I picked up two of the same paper but not this one. It was my mistake for not recognizing this fact earlier.

I sincerely apoligize for this inconvenience and I hope it doesn't cause too big of a problem.

If you would like I could get the paper from one of my classmates tomorrow and then read it and answer the questions. Again, I am sorry for the mix up.

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