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1. What do you consider the main message of the paper?

There are several messages in the paper. The more pertinent ones concern the aspect of being able to get as much as one can out of the information rich space we are confronted with and one of the best ways to do this is through software reuse. The articles idenfity various elements of resistances which constrain users from reuse and lastly the paper offers a new and viable system, called CodeBroker, that will enable user to over come such resistance and evaluate, as well as, implement its use for the prupose of getting the most out of the information rich resources with less time and costs. It also enables the user to manage his or her own respository which will grealy enhance the depth of use and knowledge of what is available and on call.

2.1 It is limited, because most of the work that I am involves with is out sourced to vendors. Our work is primarily concerned with monitoring the on-going management of contracts and performance schedules. We do have a project management system that might benefit from certain aspects of CodeBroker.

2.2 I am very interested in futher investigation of the system and how it may be integrated into our own system of project management. Our System is primarily an executive information system that provides ongoing real time information (48 hours delay) from field operations and this is tied to our schedule of production and budgets. It shows where we are relative to the projected and actual.
So there may be an opportunity to integrate something there.

3.0 I am not sure how it could or should be further developed as it is represented. It is very novel in its structure and application and seems to mitigate the resistance to change, i.e. not my code and not made here aspects. Any software developer or user should strive to have an open mind and embrace innovation. We do not live in a static world it is changing everyday. Change is the only constant!

4. To my surprise and regret I do not have a reuse library. I have never thought about it. My use is very limited.

4.1 This is not personally relavant.

5.0 It is my understanding the CodeBroker works in a manner that recalls relavant parts of information from the repository based on the developer or user's comments and/or signature.

6.1 I am not sure what the specific trade-offs would be or what context there would be obvious trade-offs. In re-reading section 3.2 I would infer that the CodeBroker system would automatically pick the correct fromulation.

6.2 I would assume that the user be subject to the same protocol and would be guide by systems inputs. I believe he or she would be limited by knowing what they are looking for or how the queries are stated.

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