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Initial Proposal (2/23/04)

"Design of a User-Friendly System for Tracking Employee Vacation Time"

Group Members

  • Joel Clawson
  • Genevieve Hudak
  • Brock LaMeres
  • Kitty Turner

Initial Proposal

We propose a project that is an extension of our independant research on user-friendly designs based on Norman's book "The Design of Everyday Things". Metrics for what a user-friendly design will be defined and these will be applied in to an application. There are two ideas that we could pursue:

1) Evaluation of an Existing Application

We will design a set of tasks for a user to complete. We will then study how easily the tasks are accomplished. We will evaluate how the user interacts with the applications and apply the pre-defined metrics to evaluate the "user-friendly'ness" of the application. Tasks will be designed for users ranging from beginners to experts. The user will be monitored in addition to completing a survey to evalute the task.

2) Design of a Web-Based Application

We will design a web-based application that adheres to the metrics defined for "user-friendly-ness" (i.e., clues, feedback, escape-routes). Again, we will need to evalute the application using test subjects and a survey.

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