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Fischer / Eden 2 DLC course, Spring 2004
Team Description: Members of the Team, Anticipated emphasis of individual contributions
Content The proposal must contain the following sections - statement of the problem,
rationale, technical approach and implementation. Each section will be graded on
appropriateness, completeness and clarity.
1. Statement of problem-
1.1. What is your project all about? Be specific. You should operationalize your terms in
order to clarify the problem you are trying to address as well as the approach you will
pursue. If appropriate: use literature citations and references to other systems to
support your arguments and descriptions.
2. Rationale -
2.1. State the reasons why you want to explore what you are. Why is this a good idea for
a project? What do you believe you will learn by doing it? Derive the implications from
your project to design, learning, and collaboration.
3. For non-implementation projects:
3.1. Develop null hypotheses for the questions you would like to investigate
3.2. Articulate clearly how your work will investigate issues beyond what is already
4. For implementation projects:
4.1. Outline and justification of technical approach how will your program work? What
tools do you intend to use? Why do you think your approach is reasonable? What other
potential approaches seem to be feasible?
4.2. Implementation Plan proceed in a way that you consider early implementation
efforts as prototypes to give you a deeper understanding of the problem.
5. References List the key references, other systems, previous projects on which your work
will be based.

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