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1. what do you consider the main argument of the article?

I think the article is saying that the users are just as much involved as the designer/active contributor and that they need to be considered and looked at in this way as well. Technology should not just be suited for the designer, but needs to be made where the consumer can have the ability to be as active as they want with it.

2. do you agree or disagree with the main argument? give a answer based on your own experiences?

I agree with this argument. Things are not static, but are yet constantly changing. Similarly, if I were to get a new cell phone every time I wanted one, a new one would already be out. Some of then newer phones are easy to use and have taken the consumer into considereation, but I also think at the same time there are many features that I never know how to use so I just don't bother dealing w/ them.

3. enumerate in which situations

3.1. you acted as a designer/active contributor

In my Capstone class I am designing, with a team, an interface for an artist so that his work can be actively displayed. We are working with Flash and are contributing to what is seen on the world wide web.

3.2. you acted as a (passive) consumer

In reference to the article, every time I watch TV I am being a passive consumer.

3.3. situations in which you believe you should have acted differently

Can't think of anything

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