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Genevieve Hudak

DLC - HW 10

1. what do you consider the main argument of the article?

The main argument of the article is that systems should not be designed so that they treat users as purely consumers. Instead systems should be designed so that users become designers and can therefore use the system in a way that is meaningful and helpful to them. The users should become some level of design and not just a passive consumer.

Designing this type of system includes thinking about the way users will become designers in it, making it easy enough that it is worthwhile (i.e. not a waste of time, fast learning curve so they can actually get some work done). Some challenges to this include: designing for components that cannot be forseen at design time by professional designers; motivating users to become designers and actually participating in the evolution of the system.

2. do you agree or disagree with the main argument? give a answer based on your own experiences?

I agree with the main argument. The experience of my own that shows this is related to the class swiki. For all my other courses here at CU, many of them have had a class website, and possibly an email mailing list. The thing that is great about the swiki is that I can edit things, say typos I find in the assignment, that would otherwise drive me crazy and I would have no ability to change. Also, being able to have a collaboratory input on what goes on in the class gets me more motivated to think about the coursework in general. Other classes just spew out information and I am purely a consumer. I don't think that leads to much or good learning. So I agree and think that if consumers/learners were more designers/learners, then they would learn much, much more.

3. enumerate in which situations

3.1. you acted as a designer/active contributor

In my work at MAPS in L3D, I am working as a designer of a system for people with cognitive disabilities. I am not the only one working on the project, but I actively contribute and actively design the system.

I am an editor for the Honors Journal here on campus. The board consists of 8 editors who gather submissions, choose submissions, design and produce the journal. I am an active contributor for what goes into the journal, how the journal is going to look, what we should spend our money on, etc.

I am an active contributor in class when we have clicker questions, or when I raise my hand to make a comment/ ask a question.

3.2. you acted as a (passive) consumer

I act as a passive consumer when I watch TV; sit through lectures that do not stop for questions or ask questions of me; read a book.

3.3. situations in which you believe you should have acted differently

I think I should ask more questions in lecture classes, in order to get myself more involved with what the discussion or lecture is about. This cannot always happen, however.

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