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1. I see several arguments, of mutual importance, however the most compelling argument is that one must be, at times, a designer of his or her environment and activities. One must engage in personally meaningful activities. There is nothing wrong in being a consumer or a designer. Realizing, of course, that both activities slide on a continuum between the two extremes. At one time we might be a consumer anf another we make become very proactive and play the role of designer. I think it is obvious that we are a product of our environment and we must seed and reseed ourselves at the appropriate time for personal growth.

2. I am in complete agreement with the thesis of the article. In order for each of us to be 'life long learners' we must be active consumers, as well as, active designers. As Aristotle is reported to have said, "we must find the golden mean between extreems in order to attain personal enlightenment of being." I personally do not like being dependent on anyone else; especially strangers - techno scribes, so I like being able to own my own problem and solve it for myself. I am not a democrat, but Lyndon Johnson said one thing that I certainly agree with and that was, "the best fertilizer on a man's property is his own two feet!" The meaning being conveyed here is that no one will care for your interest better than yourself. So, in this age, one is forced, if you want to controll your destiny, to expand your boundaries by continuously learning.

3.1 When we set up a wireless network in our home I decided that I would do it myself. I made several mistakes that cost me some additonal money, but by doing it myself I have saved the cost several times over and now I know how to do it. I am not subjected to the influence of the tech who may or may not know my best interest.

3.2 The only time I am passive is when I watch TV and that is very seldom. I do watch movies (DVDs) on the TV with my family, but that is about it.

3.3 I should have been more active, as a designer, and not bought direct TV for the use of our computers. I ended up throwing out the direct TV and getting ComCast broadban. A costly error!


I just wanted to say that I really liked the meta-design and SER model. I think both are very applicable to many elements of life, in general, and certainly in problem solving at many different levels. I like them because they explicate reasonably why one needs to have flexibility in any resolution or design of a system. It is the best between the two extremes of "put all the knowledge in at the beginning and just provide an empty frame work!"

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