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Joel Clawson

1. what do you consider the main argument of the article?

The main argument of the article is that media needs to be designed in such a way that it allows users to be able to do what they wish with it. People who only want to be able to get what they need done can just use the media with a minimal amount of knowledge, but others who want to do more in depth things with the media are able to do that as well.

2. do you agree or disagree with the main argument? give a answer based on your own experiences?

I agree with the argument for the most part. Media such as cell phones have any number of capabilities from address books to last number called and so on for the people who wish to use the higher functionality. It also just lets you turn it on and dial a number without having to know a lot about the other features of the phone.

The television is the same way. There are now features that allow parents to block stations for their children and programmable buttons that remember certain stations. It also allows you to channel surf or dial in the exact channel for those who wish not to use the special features.

3. enumerate in which situations

3.1. you acted as a designer/active contributor

Where I work, I do a lot of data conversions and need to design the software for it. I also designed a web interface for travel information for the people in the office to use to let the rest of the office know when they will not be around. As for an active contributor, I really only do that if I have a strong opinion or need more information than a passive consumer needs.

3.2. you acted as a (passive) consumer

For the most part I am a consumer of most media. I just use it for what it is expected to do. If I want it to do more, I will look into it.

3.3. situations in which you believe you should have acted differently

I act as I feel appropriate for the situation and normally do not look back and think about how I should have acted. I made my decision and now it is time to move on.

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