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Collaborative Learning in Undergraduate Classroom Group Page

Team Description:

William Beachley (william.beachley@Colorado.EDU)

Jun Chen (jun.chen@Colorado.EDU)

Huda Khan (

Sarah Kim-Warren (

Scott Zweig (


I can't speak to what each member plans to contribute exactly, but I can speculate that everyone will contribute something important. Each member of the group will be reading/researching articles, books, etc. on the topic of collaborative learning. We will summarize these readings and discuss them together to gain a better understanding of all of the material out there on the subject. With all of our newly acquired knowledge we should be able to create a system or at least a prototype of one that will meet our vision of providing students with meaningful collaboration in the classroom.

Bill and I are going to work on the survey that we will be handing out in the different classes in order to understand how the students feel about collaboration and to see how much goes on inside/outside of the classroom environment. We dont want the questions to be too assuming, but we want to find out what the students know about collaborative learning. we might not even use those words specifically, in order to keep it simple.

At this point we are still trying to figure out exactly how we are going to tackle this project, and what methods we are going to use.

I now know that part of our project has to entail some sort of computer system software or at least an idea about one. I don't know very much about designing computer software, so I am going to leave the major technical aspects of that to the "professionals" (Jun and Sarah). I hope to be able to contribute to the design aspect on more of a conceptual level using my knowledge of how people work with computers and with eachother. I know a lot more about people than I do about programming. We are going to look into the "clicker" that is used is some current CU classes and see if we can apply it to our notion of student-teacher in-class feedback.

  • Statement of problem -
1.1 Our project is about how collaborative learning works in the undergraduate classroom (university) environment. The problem is how do we integrate collaborative learning into an already rigidly structured traditional classroom environment. How will it affect students, teachers and the overall learning process?

  • Rationale -
2.1 We chose to explore this topic because we all feel that it is a necessary aspect to the success of any teaching/learning model. It has been proven in a few experiments and studies that students do in fact learn (and subsequently test) better when they "collaborate" with other students. It also seemed like an appropriate topic to research since it is a group project and we will be collaboratively learning. It will be a learn-while-you-work situation.

  • For non-implementation projects -


  • For implementation projects -
4.1 (outline and justification of technical approach)

not exactly sure of how we are going to implement this. but we talked about designing a computer program that would allow students to use a hand-held device for entering data. (reference the "clicker" idea).
need to iron this out tomm. i need a little more clarification on it.

4.2 (implementation plan)

  • References -

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