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1. what are aspects of the course so far that are positive and should be sustained?

The Discussion about topics and the variety of topic sources.

2. what do you think about the following parts of the course?

2.1. Lectures

I like how each lecture has content from a different source. This keeps things interesting.

2.2. Guest Lectures

Again, good to mix things up.

2.3. "practical sessions" (EDC, PitaBoard, Role Playing)

Again, good to mix things up.

2.4. small assignments

I feel it is much more efficient to have more small assignments rather than few large assignments. This way it keeps a steady flow of effort through-out the semester rather than everything happening at the end.

2.5. efforts of getting course participants involved in the course

Having different types of discussions is the key to this. Just opening up the floor on a topic will always get the same people sharing. Mixing in informal presentations very useful.

2.6. use of the Swiki in the course

Swiki is great. The ease of posting assignments is the biggest plus. Seeing how other people approached questions is a close second.

2.7. peer-to-peer learning (e.g., to which extent did it happen in your case)

I like hearing other people who are in my situation (already in thier career) give their 2 cents on issues.

2.8. independent research activities

Good idea, it brings in even more sources of information.

2.9. course projects

Pretty good, a little open ended but I see the value.

3. which improvements would you like to see for the course?

End on time.

4. self-assessment – please let us know how well YOU think you have done in the course Think about this in terms of your performances in:

I feel that I have participated well in the discussions. I always chime in on each topic, even if I don't have a novel opinion.

4.1. please give an honest answer about how much time and effort you have put into your work so far (work hard <--> last-minute effort <--> minimum effort to get by)

I have put in a decent amount of effort to complete all of the assignments and form opinions for the discussions. I would rate this class as an "average" as far as work load. Which is great because I look at this class as more of a "Thought Provoker" as opposed to a "skill developement".

4.2. participation (including class participation; attendance, ...);

I have attended every class and participated in every discussion.

4.3. small assignments,

I estimate that 20% of my assignments have been last minute.

4.4. your effort thus far in the independent research activities

Very good.

4.5. your effort thus far in your project


5. What do you hope to learn from this course?

I would like to expand my mind when it comes to approaching problems.

5.1. originally before the course started?

More of a design algorithm course.

5.2. now (close to the end of February?)

Expand my mind when I design things. I don't want to approach problems from only one dimension.

6. anything else you would like us to know?

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