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1. what are aspects of the course so far that are positive and should be sustained?

I like the swiki a lot. Being able to edit pages and have an online collaboratory environemnt is cool.
I like having discussions in class, I like only meeting twice a week

2. what do you think about the following parts of the course?

2.1. Lectures

Mostly interesting so far. Nice to break up lectures with discussion so they don't get too long.

2.2. Guest Lectures

Interesting, a good way to mix things up. Also good to get different perspectives (thinking distributed cognition) from different focuses.

2.3. "practical sessions" (EDC, PitaBoard, Role Playing)

Nice break from lectures. Good way to realize what we talk about in lecture by 'doing' something as opposed to just 'listening' about them.

2.4. small assignments

I like small! Nice way to keep you involved in the course

2.5. efforts of getting course participants involved in the course

Pretty good. I think most people are motivated to participate.

2.6. use of the Swiki in the course

Love it! Perhaps we could even make more use of it than we do, i think that the capability is possible iwth the current state of the swiki.

2.7. peer-to-peer learning (e.g., to which extent did it happen in your case)

I guess I've learned a bit from others, but not tons yet.

2.8. independent research activities

Sound exciting, hopefully will continue to be cool.

2.9. course projects

3. which improvements would you like to see for the course?

4. self-assessment – please let us know how well YOU think you have done in the course Think about this in terms of your performances in:

4.1. please give an honest answer about how much time and effort you have put into your work so far (work hard <--> last-minute effort <--> minimum effort to get by)

I think i have put in a combination of efforts. I try and spend lots of time on things, but because of my tight schedule some things get done last minute. I also find out about certain things late because they were lost somewhere in the swiki (like this survey almost was). I try and put more thought into an assignment rather than just getting it done, and if i have enough time i do. Getting an assignment done between monday and wednesday, however, limits the amount of time and therefore effort that i can really put into though, unless it is short. But then it is usually not that informative anyway.

4.2. participation (including class participation; attendance, ...);

I have come to every class and try to participate whenever i can. sometimes i get sleepy in lecture (late in the day, don't get lots of sleep)

4.3. small assignments,

I think i've done pretty well. I think that i spend as much time on them as i have and it turns out well.

4.4. your effort thus far in the independent research activities

Not enough. i've been really busy and not able to put the time toward it i wanted too. plus, i didn't find out some deadlines for it until last minute.

4.5. your effort thus far in your project

Very little. i would like to spend more time and effort on it.

5. What do you hope to learn from this course?

5.1. originally before the course started?

more about what designing, learning and collaboration are in terms of computer science

5.2. now (close to the end of February?)

I hope to learn how to become a better designer/learner/collaborator and a more successful computer scientist as the result. i would also like to learn a lot in general.

6. anything else you would like us to know?

It would be helpful if a notice was posted on the main swiki page regarding all deadlines, etc. the assignments are noted, but not deadlines re: independent research projects, updated syllabus, etc.
I am really enjoying the course! Please forgive me if i get sleepy in class! thanks!

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