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Untitled Document William Beachley
Assignment 8
Due: 12/23/04

Questions from your perspective as a role-play participant:

1. What were your impressions of your role-play experience?
I felt that the role playing experience was a useful view of how people with different backgrounds and interests can come together and collaborate towards a common solution.

2. Were there any aspects of the role play that made you apprehensive?
Not really. I generally do experience fear and anxiety when I'm "put on the spot", but I was fairly comfortable with the experience. I tried to choose a player that fit me so that it would be easier to play the character.

3. Did you feel that the role play contained any elements of what real users from a real neighborhood working on a real problem might have experienced?
I think it did. Some parts of the role-play became heated and at times people were putting in information that was dishonest to influence a decision that would be most beneficial to them. I imagine that this would happen in a real neighborhood assembly.

4. What do you think might have been lacking from the experience that would have existed in a real situation rather than a role play?
I think that trying this in a real setting would end in chaos. There would be more heated debate and collaboration would be impossible with such a wide array of interests. Also, I imagine there would be a battle of the egos. The more assertive people would walk all over the less assertive. I saw this to some extent while watching the role-play.

5. Were there any ways that the technology aided you in reaching a decision? Were there any ways that it impeded the process?
The technology I feel really only supports four players at a time because the board gets messy and confusing after a short period of time with a large number of players. The 2-d board is also limited when trying to look at altitude concerns. The fact that the pieces have to be shared and overloaded also adds some confusion. The ability to easily zoom in and zoom out would be extremely useful so that different perspectives can be seen.

Questions from a designer's perspective

1. Do you feel that there is any merit to this form of assessment compared to more traditional isolated task-oriented methods?
Absolutely! I think that anytime people are brought together for a common goal, the outcome will be more positive than individuals making decisions in isolation using statistics.

2. What insights might be gleaned from using this technique that other techniques might miss?
This would make the issue of problem-framing easier to solve. It would be easier to see the varying interests and concerns that people have and the impact that decisions have on mitigating or strengthening individual concerns. It provides a real-time visual look at a problem rather than an arbitrary statistical view of a problem.

3. What limits do you see to the technique?
The tecnique is limited only by the current technology, but the concept is solid and would work on a much larger scale. If this could be done in a video conference environment or even a web environment where people in remote locations would have access to a view of the board with zoom capabilities, it would be great.

4. What aspects of the design do you think could be added, removed, or improved to better support the desired participatory outcomes of the process? These can be related to the technology, the social setup, the information provided, the process followed, or other aspects that you think are important.
I think that the functionality of the board is at a max for now, but usability could be improved. I know that the zoom capability has been implemented, but it could use some improvement. I think that the current functionality need to be tweaked for better usability before new functionality is added. I also feel that different modes or plugins could be implemented so that the board could be used in a wide variety of collaborative activities other than bus routing decisions.

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