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1.1. what did you find interesting about the article?

The idea of distributed cognition is an interesting and the examples were helpful.

1.2. what did you find not interesting about the article?

I found the article a very difficult to read. Maybe it was over my head or maybe it was just obtuse. I just had a terrible getting through the article.

2. what do you consider the main message of the article?

Cognition is not just limited to one individual, but takes place among groups.

3. are themes discussed in the article which you would like to know more about?

Not really.

4.1. please describe briefly your understanding of distributed cognition?

Cognition can take place across members of a social group and across space and time. The cognitive process occurs when people interact with each other and a shared set of tools.

4.2. please describe briefly your understanding of ethnography

I had some trouble understanding this concept. I think it's the study of the semantics within a group of people participating in the same activity.

4.3. please describe briefly your understanding of active representations (which is the most important example you can think of?)

5.1. please discuss a couple of "old foundations" for HCI

5.2. how "new" according to your knowledge are these ?new foundations??

I don't think this is so new. Haven't humans always designed based on how people interact with each other and their environment?

6. do you have any ideas how this research could / should be extended based on your own knowledge and experience?

None whatsoever.

7. in the class on Jan 14, 2004, we showed a multi-media show about the CLever project ? question: which elements of distributed cognition are described in this video?

I think that ethnography was described in the video.

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