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Player 5 (married female)


Your name is Barbara.

You are 50 years old and married to Dave for 20 years. You stopped going to work after the children came. When they are both in high school you might start working again.

You have two children. The 15-year-old girl is going to high school in Boulder and participates in several of the afternoon activities the school offers. The boy is now 10 years old and also goes to school in Boulder.

Your family owns two cars. Dave usually takes the new car, as he works out of town. In addition to doing groceries for 4 people, you sometimes have to drive the children around to various activities. Your boy needs some extra classes for dyslexia. In addition, there are sports and music events at the high school that your daughter participates in or likes to see. On weekends your boy likes to go to Denver zoo and other attractions.

On this map there is an X on the spot where you live.

Uploaded Image: player5.jpg

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