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Genevieve Hudak

IR ideas

I would like to do my independent research on Design.
I looked over the descriptions on of the two design books and these by far sound the most interesting to me. I have always been interested in the way the designs of technology shapes the way we do things, as well as how humans interact with this computer technology.

My second choice would be Learning.
I would be interested, though less than in design, to study Learning. Since my mother used to be a teacher, I have been raised valuing education, and have always enjoyed learning. It would be interesting to look into how teaching is structured and how that influences how students learn.

More specifically, I would like to study User Interface design. I have Clayton's book on UI's and have been working on the User interface for the MAPS project, as well as the GUI for my senior project GeneACT (which you can check out here GeneACT )

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