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Swiki Chat

The goal of this page is to have a "lightweight" discussion. You will notice that the bottom of this page has a text area. Anything that you type there will be added to the bottom of the page.

A good convention, as discussed elsewhere is to begin your message with an underscore "_" which makes a line, then your message. Be sure to sign your message, too!

Example message one

  • eds

Example message two. I can put my user name in stars and link to my Swiki page.

So what do people think? Which is a better discussion system? Is email better than this mechanism?

  • eds

I sometimes use anonymous BBS because discussions in anonymous are sometimes purely based on arguments, not on names.
I thought that we can try anonymous discussions, but I realized that user names will appear on changes page :-)

This is just a test for lomScope.
Lifelong Learning and symmetry of ignorance
        • tomo

write test from lomMirror
        • tomo

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