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Homework Assignment #16 Summary/Analysis - Tomohiro Oda

One interesting thing is that the paper and my classmates says recommender system on a (conceptually) single server.
Particularly, many students picked as their interesting recommender. not only offers on-line shopping, but also provide search engine and product info such as release date. I think such a multi-functionality enables to provide approximately good recommendation.

Payal mentioned an interesting idea of recommender for recommender system.
It is a kind of meta-moderation, which is implemented in slashdot system and is one of the very keys of its success.
I think Jon's statement "No. I'm info overloaded as it is!" is on the same meta-level.

Dipti wrote "Yes, I have used pull-technologies like google search engine and also systems like" My question is whether is push technology or pull.

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