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Serina Croll

Assignment 15

April 1st, 2002

In general people found the same strengths and weaknesses of Knowledge management. The most mentioned strength of the knowledge management is that it could make production a faster and more efficient process. A general conclusion was that the weekness to knowledge management is the dependency on human activity and interaction with the system. One person stated that information management was the major weakness to knowleged management.

Everyone made relatively same responses to the first quote in the questionaire. Stating that a knowledge management system would help prevent repetition of mistakes made in the past.

Dipti and Eric M. had very different responses to the relevance of the second quote.

DIPTI: This quote is also relevant to knowledge management. I think it refers to the difficulties faced on the motivational and in general of all kinds, faced in knowledge acquisition and revising. People are in general hesitant about building the databases/knowledge bases used in knowledge management and also in maintaining them

ERIC: Within an organization, there are often large numbers of very smart people doing pretty innovative things. These often turn into local best practices, to use the terminology of the article. However, without some effort it can be challenging to have your Moscow branch office take advantage of the innovations of your Rio office.

Almost everyone had different responses to these quotes, but I thought it best to compare these two responses becaus they seemed the most different.

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