Assignment 15

Knowledge Management

source: Smith, R. G. & Farquhar, A. (2000) "The Road Ahead for Knowledge Management – An AI Perspective," AI Magazine, 21(4), pp. 17-40

Important: with this assignment we split the members of the class into:
  1. producers (students giving answers)
  2. analyzers and summarizers (students evaluating the answers from the other students)

analyzers and summarizers:
  1. Serina Croll
  2. Jonathan Marbach
The analyzers and summarizers can do their work individually or jointly!

due: Monday, April 1
  1. producers: please submit by 10:00am to the class website please be on time, so the "analyzers and summarizers" can do their work!
  2. analyzers/summarizers: please submit by 2:00pm to the class website

Briefly discuss the following issues:

  1. what did you find
    1. interesting about the article?
    2. not interesting about the article?
  2. what do you consider the main message of the article?
  3. what are
    1. the strengths / successes and
    2. the weaknesses /failures of knowledge management?
  4. How would you differentiate between "pull" and "push" approaches in knowledge management? What are the trade-offs between the two approaches? In which situations would you use one or the other approach?
  5. please discuss why and how the two following quotes are (or are not) relevant for knowledge management:
    1. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." (George Santayana)
    2. "Innovation is everywhere; the difficulty is learning from it" (John Seeley Brown)

Analyses and Summaries: