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Summary for Homework 14

by Eric Minick

My first observation is that this selection was very well recieved. It seemed that most everyone said they enjoyed it and it seemed that people generally had some interesting things to say about it. One aspect that seemed of particular interest to people in the class was the operation of Chiat/Day's experimental space

A common theme that showed up in various section areas was the concept of work spaces and other spaces. Many people had cited the lack of a "work" space at the home as a threat to sucessful working from home. Creating an office inside your home was one proposed solution, simply skinning your computer differently for work vs play was another. I've seen some people use multiple OS's for this purpose.

Communication was the other big obstacle for work from home. Even in the best work from home situations, you couldn't walk over a coworker and have that sort of dialog. On the other hand, at home you might be able to focus better without the distraction of coworkers coming by. The new technologies suggested mostly focused on easing the communication barriers.

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