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The Social Life of Information: Home Alone

Jackson Fox

Homework 14

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What did you find interesting about the article?

I really enjoyed the author's approach to their subject. I particularly enjoyed the discussion of how office environments are being reconsidered as aids to the productivity of workers, I wish that more information had been provided on the subject.

What did you find not interesting about the article?

I found the article to be quite enjoyable and very interesting.

What do you consider the main message of the article?

The main point of the article would be that the telecommuting as been more credit than it is due. Difficulties and costs associated with "hot-desking" and other work at home ideas have been inadequately explored and analysed. In particular, companies and advocates have overlooked the collaborative aspects of working in an office.

Think of a couple of persons (maybe family members or friends) who are in a position to use computer by being "home alone"! Characterize the major problems that these persons have!

Motivation! One of the great problems of being "home alone" is the loss of a motivational environment. The burden of production becomes one of self-motivation, and to a degree appears to suffer when a person is "home alone".

Similarly comes difficulties in communication. As the home worker adjusts their schedule to their own likings, they find themselves working at odds with colleagues. Night owls who work all evening and late at night will find themselves unable to communicate as effectively (this is not to say I disagree with flexible working hours).

Describe briefly some new innovative technologies that you can think of which would address these problems!

I can see a few technologies that might alleviate the problems of being "home alone":
  • Wireless Connectivity

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