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Collaboration Project


Eric Minick

Jing Fang

Tomohiro Oda

Our Topic

Some collaborations happen in groups of specific members and
some others are carried out by unspecific participants.
On the other hand, varieties of technologies and thories are introduced in the class.
Any technology or theory has its own context and objectives, and it can be interpreted and recontextualized when different settings are given.
Those reinterpretation and recontextualization can indicate characteristic of categories of collaboration.
"Organizing Genius" is a book which tells stories of what extraordinary great group and their leaders did.
Our hypothesis is that those stories can be a testcase of such reinterpretations and recontextualizations and they will reveal some characteristics of successful collaborative creativities.

Our Focus

We will pick some of technologies and theories introduced in the class and reevaluate and recontextualize them by referring to stories of extraordinary creative groups. We will then contrast great groups to general groups by comparing systems' possible utilizations and contexts in the two different categories of groups.

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