Thursday, 12 December 2002, 6:36:06 pm

It seems I'll be taking Ernie's Sustainable Growth? seminar next semester. I'm going to have a really diverse group of classes. Something to look forward to.

Eric has asked me to have a research plan for next semester. I've been looking at ways of evaluating courses-as-seeds, and it should relate to that. This is what I've come up with for a first idea; I hope Eric, Ernie, someone, will be able to use this as a starting point to suggest more useful directions.

I turned in a term paper for a sociology of the self class recently. It's not great, but since the topic idea came in part from this apprenticeship, here it is for anyone who wants to read it.

Saturday, 23 November 2002, 5:11:43 pm

I've been looking at how to evaluate courses-as-seeds using the final questionnaire from the DLC class as a starting point.

This is exactly what Eric asked me to do.

The short-term part involved pulling out claims made in the courses-as-seeds paper and identifying ways that they could be verified/falsified, especially by the questionnaire responses.

This is what I did.

These were my first round of notes on the questionnaires and paper (word document).

The long term part was to come up with a work plan for next semester. My goal is to have at least a draft of that plan by the end of Thanksgiving break. Before then I need to meet with Eric. I'd also like to ask for input from Mike, Ernie, and Hal.

Here is my excuse for not having posted anything here for over a month. :)

Sunday, 20 October 2002, 5:29:12 pm

Right now I'm reading The Roots of Literacy by David Hawkins.

Friday, 18 October 2002, 9:21:05 pm

Notes as I read the questionnaires

Friday, 18 October 2002, 5:09:58 pm

Today I created this page and added the things you see from here down. Swiki's are fun and easy, kids. I like the layout on this one better than the old ones for the courses; you don't have to scroll to the bottom to find the buttons. I hope this will be useful, it seems like it might.


here's some stuff:


I read the role proposal and the courses as seeds paper. these were my thoughts just afterwards: