Jane Kathryn Meyers

JaneAndZach_small.pngJane Meyers

Hi! I am new to Boulder and the west in general having spent the majority of my life in Eastern Tennessee. Why am I here? To challenge my perceptions, work with excellent professors/students, and the mountains of course. My interests are currently quite broad but lie in the areas of HCI, overt communications (speaking/writing) but also facial expressions, gestures, etc., and health informatics.

I am currently working with Dr. Katie Siek to develop techniques to facilitate computer interactions for older adults, particularly in the areas of self-care and medication management. I love feedback so please feel free to critique/comment my work. Likewise, I would be more than happy to do the same.

When I am not at school, you will probably find me outdoors, reading, drinking coffee/tea, drawing, or competing in some form or fashion. I look forward to getting to know and work with all of you!

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