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1. what did you find

1.1. interesting about the article?

The interesting thing about this paper was how the EDC urban planning application was used in the Boulder city transportation planning and designing, and this was done by all stakeholders. The action and reflection tools used in this urban city transportation planning were anything unlike I had seen in designing any system or product.

1.2. not interesting about the article?

2. what do you consider the main message of the article?
Collaborative efforts will bring in better design ideas. And any system should be designed as a "seed" which can evolve in future. And a system cannot be fully designed before using it.

3. are themes discussed in the article which you would like to know more about?
The action and reflection spaces and learning on demand.

4. what did you find interesting about the “EDC” system?
It is very interesting system, which allows all the stakeholders to design the problem and solve them. It also lets all the participants be active designers as well as consumers.
It creates a screen capture of the web based survey. It displays the information of the simulation in the reflection space. And in this purticular prototype, it calculated costs of the bus routed.

5. do you know of other papers, ideas, and systems which are closely related to the article and the “EDC” system?

6. what do the article and the associated system say about

6.1. design : is like a seed, which should evolve in future. A system design is never fully completed before using the system.

6.2. learning : is a collaborative erroft. And people learn on demand

6.3. collaboration: The role of interaction and collaboration is critical to be creative in anything. Collaboration with other stakeholders is necessary, since complex problems require more knowledge than a single person possesses.

6.4. innovative media to support these activities? This is important because, all stakeholders might not have expertice in wrting a program usign a purticular language. To be active participants innovative medai is necessary to support thses activities.

7. do you have any ideas how this research could / should be extended (based on your own knowledge and experience)?
I have no experience or knowledge in this area. But would like to learn them through this class.

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