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1. what did you find
1.1. interesting about the article?
"Gift wrapping". I really think that technology has proven itself to be one of the best tools to improve the learning
process. It is true that it is a sword with two faces, but it has made knowledge more accessible to everyone and has made learning a lot easier.

1.2. not interesting about the article?
Some diagrams were not easy to understand. Although i'm sure that they were intersting, i was not able to tell whether
they were ( example: figure 5).

2. what do you consider the main message of the article?
The main message of this article is that we are the designers and makers of the learning and collaboration processes. Learning and collaboration never had set rules and normes from the beginning, and professors were never born with the ultimate knowledge, instead, the professors are coaches to facilitate the learning process through designing a way to it.
This article defends the idea of a more open minded learning that consists of putting ideas together. And the computer could be the greatest tool for this type of strategy because it has proven that it is a tool that helped improve the learning process (for example: through the internet...) and is yet to come with other tools that can improve it even more.

3. click on one of the words in blue and see what happens?
It gives the definition of the word

3.1. is this feature useful?
It is very useful, that way you do not have to look for the definition of a certain word somewhere else. It is also important because it provides a brief and precise definition rather than throwing a lot of information to the reader and confuse them. What is useful about it to, is that the definition provided stays within the context and so it closes the door of semantic confusion too.

3.2. in which other situations have you encountered this feature?
I have encountered it in a lot of websites, and the main goal is to not switch the attention of the reader from the paper or the page and confuse them while looking for the definition of a certain word.

4. global learning theories and approaches

4.1. do you know any of the people mentioned in the diagrams:

4.1.1. Skinner:no

4.1.2. Piaget: yes

4.1.3. Papert: no

4.1.4. Illich: no

4.1.5. Vygotsky: no

4.1.6. Dewey: no

4.1.7. ignore Taylor

4.2. select one of the six

4.2.1. in case you know something ‡ write a paragraph what she/he has contributed to a deeper understanding of learning?
Piaget's researches in developmental psychology and genetic epistemology (the name he gave to the study of development of knowledge)had one unique goal: how does knowledge grow? His answer is that the growth of knowledge is a progressive construction of logically embedded structures superseding one another by a process of inclusion of lower less powerful logical means into higher and more powerful ones up to adulthood. Therefore, children's logic and modes of thinking are initially entirely different from those of adults.

4.2.2. in case you do not know something, find out something about her/him ‡ write a paragraph what she/he has contributed to a deeper understanding of learning?

5. identify one website (and mention the URL) which you consider interesting and relevant for “learning”! Write a one paragraph justification!
This has to be "GOOGLE".
GOOGLE contains endless amounts of information covering many areas. It covers material ranging from simple information and definitions about a certain field to disseratations and research papers for experts. It is a tool that is designed to boost the knowledge of individuals and improve their learning process. Also, it opens the door to a much more open minded learning, because people can have different perspectives about a field through reading different approaches in it.

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