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1. what did you find

1.1. interesting about the article?

I found the most interesting point about the use of inforamtion technology in business reengineering efforts having dissappointing results over the investments made in it. Information technology has so much more potential than simply automation, it seems like business would have figured out how to leverage technology to its maximum advantage.

1.2. not interesting about the article?

The article did not flow very well, often just randomly bouncing ideas around instead of coherently binding them together.

2. what do you consider the main message of the article?

The main message of the article was hard to pin down. It was definitely about lifelong learning, but it was hard to see exactly what it was saying beyond presenting reasons why current lifelong learning practices are not good enough.

3. click on one of the words in blue and see what happens?

A glossary of terms pops up.

3.1. is this feature useful?

Yes, especially when your readers could be unfamiliar with some of your content and jargon.

3.2 in which other situations have you encountered this feature?

It is similar to hotlinks in a wiki, or just links on the internet in general.

4. global learning theories and approaches


I am not familiar with any of those people, outside of Papert who was discussed in class as the inventor of Logo.

4.2. select one of the six

4.2.1. in case you know something ‡ write a paragraph what she/he has contributed to a deeper understanding of learning?


4.2.2. in case you do not know something, find out something about her/him ‡ write a paragraph what she/he has contributed to a deeper understanding of learning?

Vygotsky - A Russian psychologist who developed the idea that a child's development is due to the influences of comminities of people, rather than the actions of specific individuals. One of his important ideas is the Zone of Proximal Development, which denotes the gap between what a child can learn without any assistance and what a child can learn with the assistance of an adult. Apparently language itself has a significant impact on the way a child forms their perception of reality.

5. identify one website (and mention the URL) which you consider interesting and relevant for “learning”! Write a one paragraph justification! - A giant wiki which anyone can edit, maintained by volunteers, aims to be an online encyclopedia for everything. You can search for some terms, and if you see some information that is out of place or incorrect, you can correct it yourself or notify the site administrators that you think some piece of information is wrong. Although not always a good source, it is often a good starting point when investigating a new field.

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