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1. what did you find
1.1. interesting about the article?

Most of the students as well as myself thought that the idea of learning as a community very interesting.

1.2. not interesting about the article?

Many people found the article and ideas being presented repetitive. Some people also wanted the authors to include scenarios of each model to give a better explanation of how they are different from each other. They thought the authors overemphasized the fact that the adult-run model is the norm, which I agree with.

2. what do you consider the main message of the article?

All of the students got this one right, that is a neither adult-run nor child-run education system is good for learning but the method where the community(parents, children, teachers) gets involved and collaborates in the learning process is good.

3. analyze your own educational experience and
3.1. provide a rough estimate in percentage points for each category and

Most of the students gave numbers which look like this.
90-95%  adult-run
5-10%  child-run
0-5%  community of learners.
I have the same opinion.

3.2. one example for each category (in case you have encountered all three approaches)

Adult-run  most of the classes we take as students
Child-run  some people gave senior project as their example
Collaborative learning  some people gave example as this course

4. which technologies are used / can be used /should be used to support
4.1. adult-run education
4.2. child-run education
4.3. community of learners education

All of the students included internet as one of the technologies that should be used in all the tree methods of learning. Some also mentioned TV and books, etc.

5. analyze our course from the three dimensions:
5.1. adult-run education

Many people agreed that the dlc class lectures are adult-run education

5.2. child-run education

the independent research and final project as examples of child-run education.

5.3. community of learners education

And guest lecturing was put under community of learners education.

6. which possibilities do you see to effectively integrate adult- and child-run education?

Many people liked the OC approach presented in the paper but wanted to see real-world application of this kind of education system. Some people thought that todays education system involves both adult-run and child-run approaches.

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