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Analysis of Answers given to Assignment 11

The majority of the people liked the that the end-users/viewers should be involved on the design process. However, many (including myself) felt that the paper was wordy, complex and most of the time i got lost while reading. In addition, the white letters with the black background was hard for me to concentrate. For question 5, most of the people agree with the statement saying that its good to involve people in meaningful events. However, few people didnt know what the author meant with "something good that lasts longer the event itself", which it depends on how you actually understand this statement. One can argue that it can be related to the gaining of knowledge, (i.e a devie that helps you learn but still it nos longer been used but it helped you to learn). Although, one can say that without this device you will no longer develop your skills. Finally, question 6, well many people agreed on this question however there were a few who totally disagreed. I would say i agree with everyone because to the same reasons they just answerede but at the same the pople who disagreed are right too. Modifications of an open system are good but still there is some limit or boundary that these modifcations should not cross and also these modifications shouldn't somehow affect enormously how the user uses the system but still let him'her do the modifications according to his/her needs. In the end, everyone answered that DLC course addresses these two claims which i totally agree.

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