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Questions about Reading Assignment:

1. Name the two most important things/concepts which you learned from the reading the chapter “The Architecture of Complexity”

The concept of hierarchy all complex systems and the concept of selectivity in the section evolution of complex systems or problem solving

Near decomposability

2. give a one paragraph explanation why you consider these concepts important

The concept of hierarchy as explained in this article is in all complex systems like in physical systems, biological systems and social system. The hierarchy concept is important because it gives us the basic understanding of what the system is comprised of, in order to understand the system as a whole.
The problem solving technique is universally known to be through trial and error method and which path is determined depending on the cues gotten out of the solution path.
Near decomposability property of the hierarchy that is the intracomponent linkages are generally stronger than intercomponent linkages is true and important because this exists in all science fields namely, physics, chemistry, and biology, and also in social system.

3.are the concepts relevant to your work, to your interest, …. – if yes, why?

I think yes.

The near decomposability property exists in most of the computer programs. The project I am working currently on is a web application implemented using the Model View Component (MVC) architecture. We define boundaries as to which components interact with each other. There are specific classes which are packaged together so they only interact with each other and so on. So thought this is somewhat relavent to the near decomposability property.

While trying to solve a problem all of use trial and error method. I mean while programming we think that someway will lead us to the solution but we are not sure till some decision making point.

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