Course Projects

Independent Research Project

Semester Design Project

in response to Serina's question:

a) yes, the final report is due on April 29 (please check the 
requirements and structure it accordingly)

b) we will dedicate two class sessions to the presentations of the 
following 5 projects:

1) Survey on Active Critiquing in EDC	-- dipti-payal

2) Prototyping Open Hypermedia Extention on LivingOM  -- tomo

3) Collaborative Design and Programming	-- Serina Croll, John DeRiggi

4) Capturing and Presenting Relevant Information --	Jackson Fox, 
Eric Minick

5) The Virtual Bus Stop --  Jon Marbach, Jing Fang

each team should plan on having 25 minutes  time slot for its 
presentation (including questions)

the presentations could/should be similar to the presentations about 
your independent research themes -- i.e. they should convince the 
other people in the class that you have done a GREAT research PROJECT!

in case you have further questions: let's discuss them in class 
tomorrow (Mo, 4/22)