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This page is for the elaboration of the norms of behavior for this wiki.

We should develop these collaboratively, perhaps starting with a few items:
  1. no spam
  2. respect the contributions of others
  3. have fun

It would seem there might be different "modes" for different types of pages.

"Authored Mode"
  • the page has a primary author (e.g., Program Description)
  • others should probably limit their contributions to corrections (not major revisions) and appended comments

"Personal Mode"
  • the page is a personal description
  • you probably shouldn't edit it unless invited to do so

"Topic Mode"
  • the page has a particular topic or theme
  • open to contribution from anyone
  • please stay on topic

"Open Mode"
  • open to contributions from anyone.
  • add, extend, reorganize as you see fit

?other modes?

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