Collaboration Leads to Innovation
Dana Plautz
slides of presentation: nsf Collaboration Leads to Innovation.ppt

Mathematical Theory of Understandability
Michael Leyton
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CELL - an interdisciplinary investigation into adult stem cell behaviour
Mark d'Inverno
slides of presentation: invitedtalk.ppt

Communities of Creative Practice
William J. Mitchell
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Beyond Binary Choices: Understanding and Exploiting Trade-Offs to Enhance Creativity
Gerhard Fischer
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Surprise and Delight: Design-Thinking In Creative Practice And Theory
Larry Leifer
slides of presentation:
Leifer NSF-createIT 2nov06final.ppt
Leifer LUXO-720.qt
Leifer Reiner
Leifer NSF-creativIT smallfinal.pdf

Music and Computer Science: Motivation, Analogies, and Experience
Roger B. Dannenberg
slides of presentation: dannenberg-nsf-nov06.pdf

Resources and Models for Creative Digital Media Research
Pamela Jennings
slides of presentation: Jennings NSF CreativiT Presentation.ppt