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As menehune for this wiki, we "see" much of what is going on with the wiki. In an effort to keep people informed, we are starting a weblog and calling it MakaBlog (maka = "eyes" in Hawaiian) since we are acting as the eyes of the wiki.

Anyone else is welcome to contribute–just click on a date on the calendar on the left and that will create a blog entry page (or take you there if it already exists). (We can also support multiple blogs within the wiki if you have desire to provide content related to a specific topic)

MakaBlog: 25 June 2008

The 2008 CreativeIT solicitation is now announced on the NSF web site:

MakaBlog: 22 January 2008

The workshop on "Success factors in fostering creativity in IT research and education" was held at Arizona State University Jan 18-21, 2008.

Some notes from the workshop sessions are posted on this wiki under the Success Factors Workshop link.

Publications, demonstrations, and other materials from the workshop will appear on the wiki in the next couple of months.

Thanks to all of the organizers and participants!

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