The only responses that are online are for questionnaire 2 from the dlc class and questionnaire 1 from the atlas class.

Atlas Questoinnaire 1:
this was from before the students took the class. Might be interesting to compare with later q's. Too bad they weren't asked some of these same questions (about meanings of concepts) again after the course.

DLC Questionnaire 2: hmmm... started taking notes on each response. realized that was useless. basically divide in half, four responses are thoughtful, the other 4 pretty disengaged.
some things common: lectures too repetitive (intentional? trying to be less curriculum driven?), generally positive comments regarding course content, swiki, and interaction with peers.
some things more difficult to interpret: one student said that using the swiki helped lay the groundwork for peer to peer learning, but also said that there was no motivation to use the swiki. the self assesment answers would be interesting if I had known these people. I wonder what criteria they judged themselves on, or how the students' self expectations differed in this class from other classes.

how can I make reading the other questionnaires more useful? what I can learn from these, not having been in the class? I need to have some questions in mind before reading next time. it would be useful to see all the answers laid out as a table too. I wish there had been some more open ended questions. interviews would be good.