Here's a TODO for some upcoming stuff

Make a page for yourself in the URAP swiki:

(there are places that may make sense there)

Make some pages for progress reports / diaries, links to URLs, papers,
web sites. Just have a place to store stuff.

Put some of the existing stuff (progress reports, comments on papers)
into the Swiki

Do some looking at the existing Swikis and Dynasites

Documents some of the other readings you've been doing

Look for the Course Questionnaires in the ATLAS and DLC swikis. I'll
try to get you the filled out questionnaires next week.

I can't meet Monday, but there isn't an entwine meeting on Tuesday. Would
that work for you?

Sorry for the late notice. We're still in the middle of the chaos of
demoing and moving to the DLC. If all goes well, we'll be able to meet in
the DLC next week. :)