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About AniAniWeb

AniAniWebAniAniWeb is a swiki package for designing personal (those belonging to an individual) home pages. AniAniWeb extends a Wiki approach to personal home pages. While Wiki is a useful tool for group collaboration, users of personal home pages have different needs. For instance, looks become more important and access control becomes a more challenging concern.

"Wiki wiki" means quick in Hawaiian creole. Ward Cunningham named his technology "WikiWikiWeb," because the quickest way to create a website is to ask anyone in the world to also be an editor of the site. To pay homage to the WikiWikiWeb, this package is named "AniAniWeb" (or ani for short). In Hawaiian creole, "aniani" means mirror. While static home pages tend to be like a portrait, anis are more alive and other people in the periphery can contribute, even if the main focus is on the person in the mirror.

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