Doctoral Level Independent Study – CSCI 7900-903

Gerhard Fischer (
Hal Eden (

Time: Fall Semester 2006, Wednesday 10:00-10:50am
Location: Integrated Teaching and Learning Laboratory (ITLL 1B50)

12/12 from Gerhard

I uploaded a few slides for the class on Dec 13!

11/27 from Gerhard


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11/15 from Gerhard

10/23: from Gerhard

please add to YOUR page in the Swiki (in a way that I can easily locate it)

10/20 from John G

For those who missed the annoucements to the cs-phd list, there are a few fellowship opportunities with upcoming deadlines. Vicki maintains a page with Fellowship Opportunities sorted by deadline month. Note: many of these fellowships are only available to first year students, so apply now :)

10/18: from Gerhard

10/4: from Gerhard

1) our two long sessions: I would like to schedule them for:
hopefully these dates will be acceptable to you!

2) important reminder: check Assignment 4 and schedule your interivews with a faculty member ASAP!

3) last, but not least: please come to class ON TIME! we only have 50 minutes and we should not lose too much time at the beginning! And often, I need to make important announcements at the beginning of class

9/17: from Gerhard

sorry that the Swiki was down for some time

9/5 -from Gerhard:

please note: the answers to the questionnaire were due
Tuesday, September 5, 2006; 10am on the SWIKI class website

as of 5:00pm, 9/5, I have only received 6 answers! Please submit your answers as soon as possible! Thanks!