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Honestly, I have hardly used Citeseer before. Mostly looking up what research a person has done and how relevant their articles were. I do like the graphs for citations available. I have also had trouble with their uptime, as it is frequently not available (this actually happened in the middle of architecture once).

Of the three, I have used ACM's the most. Its major downside is that many articles are for paying members only, but I typically subscribe anyways and find the cost worth it. It is very complete, and not terribly expensive. Most of the time it also has the full article, which citeseer and google don't have, but this is probably because of the subscription.

The biggest advantage to Google's is, of course, its search abilities. I find that the relevance of the articles it finds to be the best out there. Google also seems to have a very large selection of articles, but not all of them are available as full articles. I am also a fan of its interface, but that is likely because I use their search engine daily and am used to it.

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