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Cite seer
Once I keyed in the keyword, the result shows the citations and, the more important to me, the number of citations. It categorizes the citations providing a lead for further search. But the system was done twice these 2 days. I wonder that itís just a coincidence or a regular basis.

ACM digital library
The search results are limited to the computer science literature published by ACM or its associate. Therefore, it provides neater information but, at the same time, the inter-discipline researcher (such as computational biology) might think it's not enough to search by only ACM library. It's a very good thing that it links to the full-version .pdf article. But, since I'm not a member of ACM, I can only get it free in campus or need to pay for it otherwise.

Google Scholar
Since I've used Google search for a long time, Google Scholar is most friendly and much easier to use for me. It makes sense that the resulted literatures are ranked by the number of citation. The results are can includes all disciplines or just for computer science. It can also find multiple sources which is especially useful when one of it is down or not the version I want it.

Last modified 1 October 2007 at 11:59 pm by Yuli