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Citeseer is a very clean site, similar in minimalist to Google, but with a few more amenities. The results are easy to read and it's nice to see the number of citations a reference has. The BibTeX entry is, of course indispensable for importing directly into a running references file. I find the abstract display highly relevant, since it is nice to read the abstract to find out what a paper is about before committing to reading it further, and it cuts down on the amount of time required to determine if a paper is useful to my research or not.

The ACM portal is very easy to navigate and understand, though I would not call it minimalist. I find the browse feature particularly interesting, as many times finding papers that are related to, but perhaps not in the fore of my initial search terms is a great way to expand references into areas and authors previously overlooked.

I think the simplicity of the design is consistent with the Google "minimalist" branding. Things are easy to find, and the ability to see the number of citations is very useful. I especially think the ability to export to BibTeX is an indispensable feature, as building a large BibTeX database for research is extremely important to develop.

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