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Citeseer is the most flexible when it comes to rating, reviewing and updating, just like a wiki. it is the most powerful in citation, and it provides many features: you can find related documents, similar documents, and citation graph analysis to name a few. It provides references to many resources all over the web. it has a Google-like interface.

ACM Digital library
The look and feel is standard as all the links points to sources on the ACM portal. It contains the full text of most of the papers and articles. it has a very nice advance search feature, you can choose the type of publication, the author, the date, and so on. the digital library is very well linked (you can click on the author while checking one paper and get a list of all his or her publication. the digital library specialized in computer and information technology so you only get result from the area you are looking for. you can read reviews you can write reviews as well. I also found that the ACM digital library is the most organized specially with the classification of the papers.

Google Scholar
One of the strengths of Google scholar is the very familiar Google interface. The suggestion feature is there (did you mean ...) which i think is very helpful if are not sure of the spelling. the engine covers many disciplines and it references many resources (ACM digital library is one of them) so it is very easy to perform a very broad search.

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