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All three engines provide references used and citations from other works and each is a tremendous improvement over the way literature searches used to have to be done.

Citeseer. The PSU site was unavailable but mirrors are available at MIT, Zurich, and Singapore. However, help screens link back to PSU and were unavailable. Provides earches across a range of scientific disciplines. Also provides citations in bibtex format. Search on my own name did not return hits any more recent than 2001.

ACM Digital Library. Searches CS focused andlimited to ACM holdings: journals, newsletters and conference proceedings. Membership or subscription required for full access. Non-members have search-only access when off-campus. Somewhat buggy and difficult to navigate, but settled down when I switched browsers from Firefox to Internet Explorer. Returned 46 hits when I searched on my own name, and a number of these were incorrect hits on names similar to mine. Could not get an exact-word search, even quoting the string and using the Advanced Search option. Links are provided both as URLS and also as more permanent Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs).

Google Scholar. Search specification and presentation of results immediately familiar and "Google-like". Searches across a wide range of disciplines, not just CS. Using Advanced Search, one can limit searches over seven sub-areas. Returned 193 hits on my own name, all correct, and as recent as mid-2006. Google had the best help system. Returns links from the other engines, for exmaple from ACM Digital Library.

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